Summer Project: Blog #1 – Beginning

This blog has always been an idea of mine.

I meant to start it at the beginning of grade 12, as a means to organize my thoughts and document the happenings of my life. But obviously, life had other plans for me and that never ended up happening.

This summer is my chance to reorganize and re-evaluate the state of my life, and I’ve already begun some great work that I’m so excited to finish and cross off my to-do list!

It’s almost 4 in the morning as I write this, but let’s pretend it’s still the previous day: July 4th 2016.

My summer life in past summers has been nothing but laziness with a bit of cleaning, but this summer I’m hoping to change that! I’ve started with “decluttering” my life, in order get my head in a good place so I can think without distraction. I’ve been on Youtube all day, researching, and stumbled across the “KonMari” method.

The day has been dedicated to clearing out my jumbled closet! I’m not through yet (which is why I’m sleeping in the basement tonight. My bed is COVERED in clothes), but hopefully I’ll post some pictures when it’s done!

I’m really excited to tackle this project, since I’m super excited to revamp my sense of style, and really purge some of the clutter out of my life!

Until next time!

– Carole